Orphian: How long has it been?

"Hello agian my good bandaged friend!" He said, " How long has it Been?" 

" Five minutes! You stupid arse!" I yell angrily

" Oh thats such a long time. How have you Been?"  He asked being too civil.

" Soar. Now if you insist in having these little sessions you mind as well say a few things useful things." I said 

" Well I wasn't going to tell you till later but nows fine. Ian's alive agian." He cackeld

" Cool. Cause i know someone who missed their chance on killing  the sickminded freak." I said 

" But here's the kicker. One of you did it. Yes thats right remeber you thought you forgot someone. Well you did ha.  And this make me laugh the girl honestly thinks she's under control. No I'am." He laughed.

" Wow you seem to be happy. Now can you go away." 

" Well I didn't get to torture you though. How about this." He said

Suddenly i was caughing up blood. And my right sad was being crushed

" Sqaushed is your lung." He said trying to be yoda. Then he left.

I was winded and my right handed lung hurt. It took about 10 minutes to recover. I got up breathing harshly and made my way donwstairs. 

" So he was your Brother." Ashton said to Brandon.

I didn't bother to ask.

" Brandon. Ian's still pumpin blood." I said weakily

as quite as i said it everyone heard me. and the question of the day was.


" Someone we left behind ressurected him. Probaly on some sort of machine." I explained. I was holding to wall for support. 

" So you decided to tell em eh? Should I make an appearance?" He asked

" If it stops you from bugging me. Go for it."

The End

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