Zazi: Resurrection

I sit watching it all. The destruction, the pain, and the result: Ian dead and a new, more evil guy. I am in a secret control chamber, hiding in a pocket of space that Ian created. He left me here to look after the equipment, keep an eye on things–but not to interfere. I think he thought that I’m inferior because of my power. Now Ian is dead, I can feel the time-pocket start to collapse; I will be discovered soon.

I still don’t know whether I can trust Meita, but I know she was right when she said ‘something else is at work here’. I saw him pull the trigger on Ian, and felt my heart break. I don’t know what it is that I like about Ian, but something keeps pulling me back to him. At least it’s good I can think for myself again. My thoughts flit back to my friends, back at the UNIT building, I presume. (I mean who would want to stay in this wrecked building?) Violet, Kayden, Rephy...Orphian. As the CCTV system only worked while the building was complete, I never found out what had happened to them. The last I saw was Meita meeting up with Professor Ashton, and from what little information I have seen, he seems a good guy. But I have learnt from my experience of life that nobody is ever as they seem. And being a ‘child of the meteor’ certainly makes everybody more mysterious.

I finish connecting myself up to one of the machines in the room. For a control room, this place has lots of weird gizmos. Next I walk over to the main switches for the machines in the room, and glance down at the dead body on the floor, also connected to the machine by several chunky wires. Ian. I had managed to sneak down to his body, and drag it back up before any of the other sixteen-year-olds arrived to the ‘crime scene’. No doubt, the creature saw me as well, but at the moment I feel safe in this secret pocket of time. I flick the switch marked ‘ON’ and sit down next to Ian’s body. I put my hands on his chest and think happy, positive thoughts. Come on, Ian, you can do it. Death is nothing in the eyes of space-time. It is nothing in the eyes of life and love. Death is stupid, and you are better than it. Much better…

Why am I resurrecting Ian? Because I need to beat this other creature-and because I trust him. I trust him to be good. I trust him to be good…

The machine slows down and turns itself off, but I feel Ian’s heartbeat return under my fingers. The green light that spreads round my body and into him is worrying but I let the positive feelings soak through the two of us. He gasps as oxygen rushes to his lungs and his dark blue eyes snap open.

“Hello, darling…” I whisper, overstressing the second word. I know what I need to do. I know now which side I am on.

“Zaziquita…” Ian chokes out groggily.

“I’ll give you a brief recap, since you have been dead!” I snarl like the animals of my power, “Meita escaped. So did the others with your lovely scientist Ashton Kerr. A dark creature is out, and I know you had something to do with it. Now! Tell me!” Oho, the tables had certainly been turned. “And don’t think of lying to me Ian, because I resurrected you, and I can reverse the procedure instantaneously. You are at my mercy.”

Ian rubs his head and glares up at me, “You’ve disabled my powers. Why did you bring me back?”

I’ve disabled his powers? How did I do that? “Only temporarily, but I need you mind-not your furious powers. And for information, of course. Purely for your information…”

“Project Apocalypse. That’s the creature. He’s another child of the meteor, who we managed to lock up, but someone set him loose. I don’t think it was Meita-no it was someone inside who worked with the project…”

“That wasn’t too bad now, was it sweetie?” I put on a false voice of sweetness, as I stroke Ian’s forehead and help him up. His face is unreadable but I know that I must be patient and sarcastic until I reach his soul. So, for now, my voice hardens.

“And now Ian, you work for me.”

The End

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