Ashton: Peculiar

As I went back to my strategy, I began thinking about the APOCOLAPSE program. It was an acronym.

Abiotic Pneumatic Occular Construct Operated by Lapiz Annular Petrol System Effect.

Of course, it made no sense normally, but it does to me. Apocolapse, as he was eventually called, was not a human anymore. After the incident with a degraded sample of  Hyponucleaonic 5-Methyl Icosanoic Acid, substance X, his body systems failed. It was then my task to ressurect him. I created a congolmerate gas made from Lapiz dust and petrol gas, I then created enough tanks to last him for several millenia. He began to not be a living creature anymore, his body is a system of tubes and wires and is run by the lapiz/petrol gas. The only thing left over from his body that was funcionable was his eyes and his brain. With these, he became an almost indestructable creation. It was then charged by me, when they found out that he was to powerful, to get rid of him. I decided not to, and then went on to hide him within the confines of the building, where he would be safe.

Perhaps I should've told Meita about it. I walked out of my room and down to the living room to see Meita give a speech on Apocolapse. I walked down and requested the podium, she accepted, I walked up and began speaking.

"In the year of 2010 a boy was born. His name was Drake. He was given to Ian because of the frailties of the foster system. Ian let Drake muck around the labs quite often. One day, Drake encountered a vial of degraded Hyponucleaonic 5-Methyl 3,5,11-Icosynoic Acid, what you know as Substance X. He ingested it orally." There were scattered sounds of shock throughout the group. "Unfortunately, his body systems began to fail and it was up to me to ressurect him, as it were. I created a conglomerate gas using Lapiz dust and Petrol gas. I then created a pneumatic machinery to hold Drake's eyes and brain. Which were the only things that survived the infection. That's when he got his new name, Apocolapse. It was an acronym standing for Abiotic Pneumatic Occular Construct Operated by Lapiz Annular Petrol System Effect. He is now six, now that you understand your enemy, I shall create a strategy to fight him."

At this I left the room, and brushed against Brandon, aquiring all of his memories and knowledge.

So, it was your brother.

The End

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