Jade: Apocalypse

"What?!" I whispered. I clung to Brandon's arm, who was stock-still.

"He's..." Brandon stuttered. "What?!" He was shuddering. "How? No!"

"Meita, just a moment." I said, tears very  nearly coming to my eyes. "Are- are you sure? Things are just getting more and more dangerous, though. I- just- a moment." I went to Brandon, who was choking on his words.

I got him to the living room, where he collapsed on the couch. No tears that I could see, but I knew that there were tears inside. "We'll take care of it." I said. "We'll... figure out something."

"That's just it."

"What is?"

"You can't keep him! And- to kill him-..."

"S'okay." I murmured.

Then, he suddenly froze. He pointed to his head, and mouthed, "Apocalypse."

"Meita?" I said. "We gotta problem."

The End

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