Meita: Apocalypse

I float about an inch above the sofa eyes closed and trying to concentrate. He said he has power over the stars..... but he also sent a dream to Orphian.

Hmmmm, Ian had so many codes........ Apocalypse!

I never knew what he mean't when he was talking about that.

5 months

"Is Apocalypse stable?" Ian says walking slowly.

"Yes sir... but.." The scientist says.

"But what?" Ian demands. I turn my head to study the scientist keeping in step at Ian side.

"Apocalypse.... might be..... uncontrolable sir"

I drop to the seaty and jump up.

"Meita" Nero shouts running after me upstairs. I open Ashton door and he jumps with shock.

"Apocalypse" I say.

"What?" he says confused.

"Apocalypse..... Project Apocalypse" I say grabbing a pen and begging to write numbers and knowledge on to the board.

"But that was just a myth...... wasn't it?" Ashton stutters nervous.

"What was Apocalypse?" Nero says walking in and leaning against the wall.

"The ultimate Child of the meteor" Ashton explains. "A child who could control everything by thought he had no boundrys as long as he could imagine it"

"That sounds like a pretty powerful kid" Nero says looking at me writing.

"Yes.... But he was suppose to have the same weakness as Meita" Ashton says indicatiing me. "The story was Ian captured Apocalypse for a last resort..... but if he's free"

"Apocalypse is different" I say turning. "He wasn't born in the year 2000 he was born in the year 2010. He's only six years old"

Nero stares shocked.

"And there's another rumor" Ashton says. "That he was a brother of another child of the meteor"

"Brandon" I whisper turning to look at Nero.

"Apocalypse is Brandon's brother" I choke out.

The End

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