Orphian: Aye

I heard noise downstairs perfectly. I Got up with my nightmare still fresh in mind.

"Aye. Didn't we tell you our new baddy killed Ian Jade? In Ian's base "  I said coming down the stairs.

" By the way our new baddy he seems to have the ability to manipulate whats going on in peoples heads. Or I had really deranged dream." I mentioned , " Cause he was trying to persuade me to leave here cause not a lot people seem to like me here. Which had some valid points.Sorry for intterupting."  I had cut Ashton off agian. Then suddenly the top of my shoulder exploded and a lazer shot through the cielling.  "raaaahhh." I yelled in pain , " Whats happening?"  

My body began to charge and shooting off more lazers , tearing me to shreds as more blood began to spatter in the kitchen.  I collapsed to the floor and my power still tearing me to shreds. " Raaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! Get out before I hurt you too!"  I said trying to supress the pain.   "Nemisis whats going on?" I though to the computer

" Your body is reacting to some sort of chemical. Or presence." it wrote on my screen

" So how you feeling now?" the voice said.  And it stopped, " you don't have to answer right away." It said. 

I looked at my body completey drenched in blood , and holes. The kitchen had my blood spattered everywhere.  Wow I must seem really weak to the others I thought.  Did I blow up any of my organs? Then my body began to shutter in pain. "Errrrr!" I  screamed in pain. what the hell was the matter with me?

It was wierd instead of fighting the sleep. I just decided to sleep even though the pain was killer.

The End

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