Orphian: Back but not home.

When I got back to the unit. It was like going to place that you should be happy with but i have gained no one trust here only Brandons but he had his twin brother now. So I went to my room like, showered went to bed.  The dream that insued wasn't good. I was back in the room with creepy  bad guy. He was constantly pushing me down. "Weak! Powerless! defenceless! What will my little ant do?" It taunted me.   

A power like my own gathered in the middle of the room.  " Do you want to find out how weak you are? As I see a faint outline of my own face!Haha."  The room melted back to the unit.  " You fit in nowhere Orphian. Do these people actaully care about you? No! But you seem to care for they're wellbeing. Why?"  As he showed me of our arrival  " Why don't you leave? Strike out on your own. Find a better cause worth fighting for. Well thats my advice for now.Bye."   The Nightmare ended. 

Was that just a dream or was that creepy guy talking to me. He had some points on wither or not these people liked me. But even though they didn't care to much about me. I felt over comppelled to help them.  Why?

The End

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