Meita: Oh no, not again....

I smile at everyone and feel warmth. I turn to look at Nero who's not moved from my side.

His arm is firmly gripped around my waist and I lean against him. The conversation with Ashton was weird.

"Let's go somewhere private" Nero whispers quietly in my ear. I turn and smile at him before pulling him throught the crowd.

As soon as we get into my room he kisses me and I feel love surge through me making me shiver.

"I love you" he whispers against my lips and I can't help but smile. Those word seem so sweet and make my heart lurch.

"I love you too" I whisper back then we kiss again my hands tangled in his hair and his hands firm around my waist.

Then I keel over in pain.

"Oh no, not again.." I gasp.

If you're smart enough you will co-operate.... Ian wasn't the only being with powers over the stars. Hahahaha

I gasp for breath and look up at Nero's worried eyes.

"Seems we have a new enemy" I gasp out.

The End

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