Ashton: Interesting sort.

As I maneuvered my way through the crowds of worried people I decided to go find my room, as Meita had suggested. I walked up the stairs and found a nice room with the words Arc and Violet 4 Ever. I decided that I'd clean it up later. I made the bed and saw that I had forgot to bring clothes.

Alas, it shouldn't affect me, Aysh is capable of manifesting new garments.

I walked back out of the room and went down the stairs. As I was downstairs I noticed quite a bit of people, many were hugging, laughing; just happy to see each other. It made me think of the conversation I had with Jade.

*"I think the theory of everything is purely insane. No matter how many superfluous dimensions we add to our universe, we cannot join gravity and electrostatics, strong and weak nuclear forces together into a single opulent force. Because, at it's omphalos, we do not grasp gravity fully and completely."

"Yes, that does make sense."

"Infact, it is apt to say that searching for a theory of everything is equal to translating a language of which there is not sufficient data to do so."*

She seems eager to explain everything with one fundamental force, but it cannot be done, even I cannot do it.

I walked back to Meita, she created the impression of leadership. When I got to her I began to speak.

"Meita, would you wish that I aggregate some data for any tactical procedures?"

She looked at me, confused.

"You want to work for me?"

"Verily, it would appear to be so. You are kind, and the satisfaction I can gain here is worth more than any currency about. So, I am yours free of tax."

"Yes, well, what would you suggest we do?"

I thought for a moment, quickly.

"What I would propose, is that we manufacture a strategy for when next attacked."

She seemed to consider this for a moment.

"Very well, do as you wish."

I bowed.

"Thank you."

Then I walked away, I went to Aysh and tapped her on the shoulder, all of her knowledge, memories and information came flooding into me. She turned around and smiled.

"Aysh, may I request a few objects for my dorm?"

She nodded.

"Sure, what?"

"I would ask of you to manifest a whiteboard in my room, along with a set of whiteboard markers as well as an eraser."

She nodded, then closed her eyes.

"OK, it's all there now."

"Thank you, Aysh, have fun with Kayden."

At this I blushed, but walked quickly to my room. I turned back, only to see a look of confusement of her face. When I entered my room, I saw that the whiteboard, markers and eraser where there.


Then, I began writing, forming a strategy using the abilities I gleaned from the knowledge of Meita, Jade and Aysh.

The End

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