Adam: Jealousy

I have to say it's a relief to see Meita and the others back. She kinda freaked me out a bit with the whole Nemisis thing and talking in my head but I'm cool with it now.

I notice one of the new guys, Ryan I think his name is, looking at Rephy every now and then with interest. Jealousy has a bitter taste. I must be thinking all kinds of things because suddenly Kayden walks up to me and puts her hand on my arm. "Just tell her Adam. No matter how much he looks ar her just remember, she's looking at you, not at him." I smile "Thanks Kayden." She grins. "Now stop thinking horrible gruesome thoughts. Honestly, since he first looked at Rephy like that...well...are your thoughts normally that violent?" she laughs at that and walks off humming. I see her put her arm around Aysh then and I smile. I like Kayden. She's cool.

Just as I turn I see Ryan looking at Rephy again. I growl under my breath and scowl at him. Then I notice Brandon with his arm around Jade, looking at me questioningly. I look over at him and he nods at Ryan then me and with a questioning look he gives me the thumbs up. Are you two cool? I shrug and he frowns. Then he looks around and actually sees why I'm angry. Ah... his face changes and he waves his hand a bit, just to catch my attention. "I'll talk to him" he mouths. I nod and scowl as I walk over to Rephy.

When everyone is downstairs being either introduced or talking about the past few days, I take Rephy by the hand and quietly lead her up the stairs. We go to my room and I make her sit on the bed and then close the door and come and sit beside her.

"I em...."

God this is going to be harder then I thought... I lie back on the bed and take a deep breath, trying to calm my heart. It's beating so fast I'm sure she can probably hear it anyway. Ok, here goes. I sit up and take her hand, looking into her eyes I suddenly smile and relax.

"I love you."

There, that was simple. Why did I make such a big deal out of saying it? She looks at me and suddenly a smile breaks out across her face.

Because you're afraid you'll hurt her like you hurt them.

I shrug off the voice in my head and lean down to kiss Rephy.

The End

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