Kayden: Techie

I was standing with Aysh, telling her what to do. "Create a plane." I told her. "With guns." She looked at me blankly. Gee! Was it that hard to understand? The pressure of being one of the few people left was getting to me. "Just listen for once!" I told her. Aysh looked as though she was about to cry. Why? I asked her. "You just screeched at me" she told me. No I didn't. I denied it. I didn't, did I? I thought about it, and realised that maybe I did.

All the drama was making me techie. "I'm sorry" I told her. Then I wrapped my arms around her in a hug. I couldn't deal with drama; of any sort.I sighed and shook my head. I could be stupid sometimes... so stupid. I smiled at her and took her hand in mine. Then, together we went to find out what was happening downstairs.


The End

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