Aysh: IDK

I don't know why, but I listened to her. Kay stiffened, then was quiet for a little while. Then she told me to Create a plane. A plane with guns on board. I stared at her, then she got mad. She started to yell at me, telling me to just listen for once.

I got a little freaked out, and focused. I heard a scream. She just looked at me.

"No, you need to make it in D.C." she whispered. I just kinda looked at here weird. I did it though, cause I didn't want her mad at me.

She says good. And then she shakes her head. She looks at me, and I can feel her in my mind. She is confused. She asks me why I look like I am about to cry. I tell her that she just screched at me. She denies it, then thinks.

She comes over and hugs me. Then we head down stairs to see what happened.

The End

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