Violet: Why did I fall in love, and tell myself everything would be okay? Oh right, because I'm an idiot.

I had slept on the flight back.

And had the most terrible dream nightmare.

Now that I was awake, it was only vague. Not as vivid as it was once.

Arc hadn't died, he had acted. He came back for us. He hid in the plane, and then killed us all. I watched each of my friends being murdered.

And he hadn't even used his powers.

Because Ian and Renon were dead, Arc became the most powerful. Nobody's powers worked on him. And so he physically killed them, with a knife, stabbing them one by one, slowly.. Their screams had pierced my ears.

But he had me last. He forced me to work beside him, or he would do much worse to me. I had thrashed against him, tried to get away, but he just tortured me. And he had injected me with something..

But then I had woken.

I stumbled into the house, avoiding the mob of 'What happened?' and 'Are you okay?' and 'Well done's' and just fled to my room.

I was not in the mood.

The End

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