Brandon: i can hide, like, awesomely!

Aysh had created a plane for no reason i could think of but while she sat in the garden completeing it i spoke to Ryan.

"Bro i dont know about you but im not staying, i sorta love one of those girls out there"

He looked at me "what about Haylen?!"

my face fell "... sh-she used me" dont cry b, dont cry.

Ryan patted my back. "i understand"

i hugged him and showed him around some of the crumbling unit. introducing him to the rest of the children who had stayed behind. i told him about our mum and dad leaving, Haylen now looking after Erica, our little sister. we sat talking for a while when suddenly i heard the woosh of an engine starting.

"i have to go... just know i missed you bro" i spoke to Ryan, "If anything happens to me... "

"Nothings guna happen to you!"

"but if anything does... "i laughed sadly "take care of erica"

i patted him on the back then ran outside.


gunshots sounded out side the plane. Meita got into the cockpit and started the consol up.

"i do hope you know how to fly this" someone said. "i didnt hear her reply over the jet engine.

i waited for a while then casually strolled out from the cargo hold.

"I hope she knows how to fly too" i spoke out.

Everyone turned. Meita swung round aiming the gun at me.

"What the hell? Brandon!" she shook her head "you scared the hell outta me!"

Jade squealed and jumped into my arms.

"yeahh well i cant let you lot have all the fun." i looked around "oh wand by the way M' you can put the gun down now" i laughed.

she sighed then turned back around to steer the plane.

i kissed the top of jades head "Dont worry baby, we're never leaving each other again" i chuckled.

The End

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