Meita: Back to the goverment

"You have another reason not wanting to be around when those guys show up don't you?" Ashton says.

"Meita" Nero asks.

"If I'm seen by the FBI and CIA. I be blamed shipped and thrown back into the goverment" I tell them.

Suddenly a plane appears.

"Go Aysh" Violet shout's. Then a gun appears in my hands. I check it and put the safety on and slip it through my belt.

I press a button on the side of the airplane and the ramp folds down.

"Come on everyone" I shout.

They run quickly and I am just about to step on when.

"Hold it right there Meita" I freeze and turn to face about 12 FBI.... with guns.

"Special Agent Carter" I whisper.

"That's right. Step off the plane Meita"

"No" I pull out the gun and fire three shoots run into the plane and close the door hearing the sound of the bullets hit metal. I toss the gun aside and walk into the cockpit.

I strap myself in and put on the headsets.

"Please put on your seat belts" I say the words echoing through the back of the plane and the light coming on. Nero walks up into the cockpit and sits in the empty seat next to me.

"Tell me you know how to fly this thing" Nero whisper putting the belt on.

"Hell yeah" I say and we take off.

The End

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