Orphian: Can't wait to hear the conspiracy theories on this one.

We escaped but  thats when i realized a did more  damage then i originally thought. The White house collapsed into Ian's hell hole.  At first  I was ashamed but then I had to make light of the situation.

" Well I'm not sure about you guys. But i can't wait to see the conspiracy theories on this one." I tentatively luaghed.

I heard a few muffled giggles.

The new guy only answered " You have a strange sense of humor."

" I guess." I said a little disapointed by the others reactions," Hey Meita I left a helicopter about 25 kilometeres out. Just thought you might want to know. so we can use it unless you already have a better plan."  

" No Aysh is going to make us a plane." She responded


" We should get moving before CIA , FBI , police , and the military show up." Meita said.

everyone else nodded as we moved on.

The End

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