I was speechless. For the better part of the time we had been running through the halls, I had not said a word. I was in the company of someone that I could talk to. Questions came to the tip of my tongue, but I stayed quiet.

"What is your name?" he asked me.

"I- I"m Jade."

"Finally you have someone to talk to about quantum mechanics and general relativity, Jade!" Meita sighed, as we were running. "Don't just stutter."

"Quantum mechanics?" Ashton's eyes gleamed. "General relativity?"

"Yeah," Meita said. "Jade, speak."

"Um..." I said. "What's your opinion of M-theory? Do you think that it's the Theory of Everything? Or just false and misleading?"

"Meita, we're almost at the exit." Ashton said to her, but then turned again to me. "Well, that elusive Theory of Everything..." I listened, entranced. He spoke clearly and eloquently, about all the things I had wanted to know. Branes, gravitational lensing, imaginary time!

Finally he paused for a moment. "The door is right ahead." We turned a corner, and a large steel door stood in front of us.

"The way out?" Meita asked.

"Affirmative." Ashton went to the door, and punched in a bunch of numbers n a security pad. The door started opening. I blinked. Light poured in. Meita grabbed my arm, and pulled me out.

"C'mon, let's go!" she said.

The End

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