Meita: Connected

We followed Ashton through the hallways then the box beeped in my pocket. Everyone jumped in shock at the noise.

I pull out the box and transform it watching Ashton's eyes go wide.

"You have the Nemisis controller"

"Shh" I hiss as I slip them on.

"Task is complete and I am activating connection... Done"

"Ah, what the-"

"Shh, Adam" I shout interrupting him.

"What??? Meita??? Why is your voice in my head?" Adam says beginning to turn.

"Ahhh, stop spinning" I shout and he stops. "Look I need you to get Aysh to create me a few things, a plane and a gun"

"What why?"

"I then want you to get Tami to teleport them to Washington, the White house. The shields down right?"

"Yeah, but everyone's a bit frightened.... Is it a trap?"

"No, Ian's dead but don't leave the Unit something else is at work"

"Okay... I'll... do what I can"

"Good, cya" I then take off the headset and turn it back to a box to slip in my pocket.

"We need to go" shouts Ashton.

"Yeah...." I say as a large rock falls. "Run"

Then we all take off down the corridor.

The End

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