Ashton: Crumbling building, not good.

I was in the lab, completing the finishing touches on the equation.

"How gratifying, after such a period of his reign this equation states that he shall fall. Verily, I will be out of a carrer, as no one wishes to intercomingle with an astute prodigy."

Then, the building begins to crumble and shake and debris begins to fall from the ceiling. I walk out of my lab and hear voices down the hall.

"Citizens, down here, unlikely."

I walk quickly to them, rapidly judging from the doppler effect that they're velocity in coincidence with mine would make us meet at the nearest junction between hallways. I was right, as I always am.

The group of people are surprised to meet me. I purposefully brush against the woman with an air of superiority, immediately I learn her name, and everything that she knows.

So, Ian's existance has expired. Evoking, equivical, such an enigma.

"Hello, my name is Proffessor Kerr. But under such conditions, you can call me Ashton."

The leader, Meita, looked at me stunned. Curious as to my purpose within these thick walls.

"What exactly are you doing around here?"

"It is my burden to be Ian's tactical assistant. He is quite subjacent in his payment, and I was formulating a process of exiting this abstruse hideout."

"I did not understand a word you just said."

"In short, and in layman, I was helping him win battles, but he didn't pay me enough, so I was thinking of leaving anyways. May I depart with you?"

"If you want to come with us, sorry but you need a power to come."

"A power, right. Well, so does my capability to know everything about a person after comming in close contact with them affect your hypothesis of me?"

"Oh, well then come along, we're running late as it is."

"Indeed, but absconding down that path will consume a greater amount of time than this one."

After telling them this I began slightly jogging down a path. They followed, trusting me more than themselves.

The End

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