Meita: Group up

After Jade came the hallway so did Orphian and Violet.

"Ian's dead" Orphian says.

"You kill him?" Jade asks shocked.

"No, I just came in as this figure left. I don't know what the flip it was though" Violet says out of breath.

"Orphian?" I ask.

"Me neither. the thing was sort of cloaked like in black. It was just.... I don't know"

"Oh, great so now we have a new bad guy to deal with" Nero says clearly annoyed.

"We need to get back to the Unit" I say. All the shield's and defences should be down soon" I say pulling the box out of my pocket.

"Acknot" I whisper. I slip the headset on.

"Nemisis Manual Control Online"

"Nemisis are there any other non activated unit's on the islan"



"Kayden and Adam"

"Okay override activation on both unit's but link me to Adam"

"Peforming tasks...."

The End

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