Orphian: Newly aquirred creepy bad guy.

" Orphian. Something is here in this room , and it is hostile." Nemisis infromed me.

" Thanks Nem."  I thought to the computer.

Whatever or whoever was here was damm good at hiding.

" Buddie I know your here." Making my self known

" Oh this speciemen is interesting. It has an onboard computer and fires high density and highly charged particles. Best of all he has friends that are similar." Something said exitedly. 

Okay it looks like I have aquirred a new creepy bad guy just fantastic.

" Why don't you come out so we can talk Man, to Thing." I said irrated

" Oh , but we are." It laughed as it shoved to the ground.

"Okay , pal bring it!"  as I began to charge. Red, Dark red , Blue, Dark Blue , to black.  The energy that was charged in me was beginning to destroy the room i was in.  Then i fired from every surface on my body. Boom! the ground shook, the hideout getting destroyed by the energy realease. I had just blew Ian's hell hole  to pieces it Began to collapse. 

" Well done. Young man. Before I go to say hello to an old friend. I just want to make it clear this isn't the last you'll see of me." the voice said getting fainter. 

Sorry guys I thought. Before Nemisis gave me full release of my powers the most damage I could do was take out a wall. Now i had massive destructive power. The hidden base began to crumble. I've got to find the others As i began to tear through the collapsing base.

The End

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