Ryan: Heads and Tails

I smiled at the sight of my twin (fraternal not identical mind you) brother. I hadn't seen him for quite some time now, ever since I had left home. What Brandon thought was that I was tired of living with out loving, yet relentlessly strict parents.

Brandon had been somewhat of the family's rebel, outspoken and reckless. But he was also loyal and caring, never questioning most of their parent's demands.

I was a little different. I was quiet, secluded and cautious. I never jumped into any situation without calculating my odds. Where as Brandon would retaliate against bullies at our elementary school, I would have waited and took the bullying, only to retaliate after I had formed a plan, such as tripping said bully down a flight of stairs

"Brother! How the hell are ya?" Brandon asked me. There was a big smile on his face, a smile I had not seen for some time. Now that I thought about it, how was our parents, our brother and our sister faring? I was tempted to ask him but decided against it.

"I'm pretty good bro." I said. I let go of him before turning to face the rest of the group. "So...you going to introduce me to your...umm friends?" I said this with a hint of confidence; confidence that I would hope let me know the girl who I had been speaking to better. I flashed her a smile when I caught her staring at me.

Also unlike my brother, I was not so good at small talk, especially around girls. Come to think of it I had never been interested in girls until I met this one. Something about her made me feel comfortable, maybe even normal.

My attention turned from the girl to my current attire. "Ah crap..." I had realized that I was currently dressed in a near torn t-shirt and a weather stained sweater. My jeans weren't in any better shape. I looked at my brother and sighed. Somehow he always managed to look better than I did, always the side of the coin fate called. 



The End

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