Brandon: Plans and an old friend

i sat planning for a while, debating how to get out who to take and what not. i heard Kayden run upstairs so i pushed my jotter pad off my lap onto my bed and went towards her room. She was sobbing still so i walked over and gave her a hug. we didnt need to talk, we just sat in silence for a while.

We then heard some noise downstairs and the lights went off.

"What the-, c'mon Kayden" i grabbed her hand and lead her out the bedroom using the ball of fire in my hand as light. we walked down the stairs and the lights came on again.

There were tents that Aysh had made appear to help everyone practice their gifts. Excellent! this could help in my plan so much!

i saw Adam run towards the kitchen but the door opened before he got there.

Rephy had somebody with her.

"- and yeah, i have yellow eyes" they said.

i looked at him. I'd seen him before somewhere... but where?


i dropped Kaydens hand and walked over to him. he looked me up and down and a look of shock crossed his face.



we looked at each other for a moment. unable to get this image stay in out heads.

Rephy looked at us.

"do you two know each other?" she asked questioningly.

i clapped him on the back and gave him a one armed hug.


The End

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