Rephy : New feeling

I snuggle up to Adam outside on the grass. He had kissed me. The most strangest feeling I had ever had. Of course, being me, my cheeks became cherry red straight afterwards. The sky is blue, but far away, I can see a storm coming.

"A storm is coming." I comment. Adam turns to face me, his eyes with question. I point to the clouds, "A storm is coming." He pulls me closer to him, and I feel warmer, and safe. Suddenly, he scoops me up into his hands. I'm surprised but I keep quiet and put my hands around his neck. Adam puts me down at the main door. I smile at him. He punches a hole in the wall, the white plaster cracks and bits fall out. His fist bleeds but I don't think he cares. What? I keep quiet so I don't disturb him, whatever he is planning. Adam pulls out a few wires, then he takes the controller out. Concentrating on the controller, the wires seem to bond themselves onto the controller.

"Yes!" He exclaims. "We're on the main system wave." Then he closes his eyes and his head twitches weirdly. I stare at him uncomfortably. What is going on? His eyes snaps open.

"Come with me," he takes my hand and walk me over to the others. Still holding my hand, Adam reaches over to Aysh for a TV screen three different leads. I watch his hand bleed.

"I'm going to get something from the kitchen," I tell him, reluctantly releasing his hand. "I'll be right back." He smiles at me as I walk up the wall and onto the ceiling.

I stand outside the kitchen door. Inside, the light flashes on and sizzes off. I push the door open slightly. It creaks. I put one eye towards the crack in the door. I see a boy with a half-eaten apple in his hands, with yellow eyes, upside-down. I gasp. He stares at me. I stare at him. I push the door open further, then I walk in to the kitchen.

"Hi...." I say sheepishly. "I'm Rephy, I control gravity. You have yellow eyes." I take gravity away, the boy is swept off his foot and I float onto two feet.

"Hey," he replies, landing on the ground as smoothly as I did. "That's cool. I'm Ryan. I control electricity and, yeah, I have yellow eyes." I walk over to the green first aid box attached to the wall and take it off.

"Really?" My eyes sparkles, a solution to the problem outside? We can get rid of the shield! "That's awesome. Come with me. I'll introduce you to the others then we'll need your help on something." I drag Ryan towards the door, his hand tingles and gives mine a small electric shock. I shake the feeling off, but on my palm, I spot a red mark forming. Ryan just looks bewildered.

The End

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