Ryan: This doesn't look like the Alley to me...

I slowly come into consciousness; my head feeling like it had been used as a baseball. Everything begins to fade into view and I'm shocked to see I'm inside a well-decorated room. There's even a fridge a few feet to my left.

Where the hell am I?

I get to my feet and head towards the fridge, my hunger overpowering my curiosity. I grab an apple and wipe it on my shirt. As I put my hand on the fridge to close it, a thought pops into my head. Do I still have my powers?

How I gained my powers I'm not entirely sure. Why those people beat me and threw me into a truck I'm not sure. What I am sure is that it's probably got something to do with my powers. I smile a bit as I grip the inside of the fridge, the electric powered machine suddenly fizzing a bit and going black. My hand begins to cackle with electricity. I quickly take my hand off the fridge as the entire room goes black. The minute I do, the lights flash back on, and the electronic objects also blink back to life.

"Got to remember not to hold on for too long." I say to myself. I shut the fridge with my leg and take a bite out of my apple. I sit myself down on the expensive looking sofa and take a few more bites. So what exactly am I doing here?

Suddenly the door begins to open. It's slow creaking sound urges me to my feet, both my arms suddenly ablaze with electricity. My eyes begin to glow yellow as well, my vision only concentrated at the opening doorway...


The End

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