Aysh: Training

Brandon is hugging Kayden. NOT COOL, DUDE! Doesn't he have his own person to hug? Jeeze.

Anyway, Kay starts crying, and runs upstairs. Before she left, I heard her say something about us being weak. Weak my butt. I lived on my own, with out any man to protect me, and I am just fine. I look around at the people still in the Unit. I must say, our numbers are rapidly decreasing. But, at least no one is dead.

There is Kayden, Tami, Spenser, Aurili, James, and the two new guys, Felek, and Morph.Everyone but Kay is sitting in the living room, watching tv, playing board games, or tlking in quiet whispers. I know better than to try to start a party now, but I do have an idea.

I ask everyone to get up. Some people just stare, but eventually, they are all off their butts, and stnding against the wall. I focus, and all the recrational items disappear. In there place pop up several different tents. One for each person. Specially adapted for their talent. Everyone gasps, and I tell them to find their station.

Then I run up to get Kay. No should be helpless. It is time. For some major, Sci-fi worthy training. Fun-ness....

The End

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