Brandon: Left Behind...

i angrily paced around watching the other kids sit nervously in the corners. my feet had began to leave scorch marks, i was that mad.

Kayden sencsed something was up so she dragged me towards the corner.

"you cant leave us" she told me

i looked at her "why not?! i cant just sit on my ass and do nothing!"

"we'll have no-one to protect us!" she sobbed.

i hugged her, out of the corner of my eye Aysh was staring. i let go.

"listen Kay' i'm not being funny but have you noticed that strangely enough, we all seem to have crazy ass gifts... we can all protect ourselves and our friends" i held her at arms length. "look at you, i mean c'mon, you read peoples minds! you can see the moves they're guna make...and your sorta butch too, no offence" i smiled.

i let my arms drop and my face became a sad smile.

"i just cant be left behind again" i have to do something

Brandon, always the one to get left behind... just like his dad left him, just like his mum left him.

Not. Any. More.

The End

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