Nero: Coma? Don't Make Me Laugh!

A gasp escapes my lips and I jolt upright, being tugged back by strong wires. I yelled and teared them off of my skin, watching them leave blotches from where they were stuck. I stood up.

Coma my ass. He isn't that strong. 

I stormed out of a large white room , opening the door and slamming it behind me angrily to see Meita standing and talking to Violet. She looked up at me shocked.

I walk towards her cautiously, "Move out of the way." I whisper to her and Violet. I gaze above their heads to see a guard, pointing his gun at me. They slowly moved behind me, not taking their eyes off of the guard. "Hello, Mr. Guard." I smiled and walked towards him. 

I watched his gun tremble along with his hands, "Now, you wouldn't want to shoot your brother and sisters now would you?" I pushed him in my mind,making whatever lie i could come up with the truth. I let my pupils swallow my eyes so they were entirely black and heard Meita gasp in fear and stepped back. The guard froze and lowered his gun. "There's a good boy, would listen to your brother right?" I lied. He nodded. "Then put the gun in your mouth...and pull the trigger." I whispered. He lifted the gun and put it inside his mouth.

I quickly turned to Meita and Violet and swished them around, covering their ears as the guard shot himself. I wiped at my hands and swirled them around again.

"You alright?"

The End

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