Meita: Awake

Mero's heart beat picked up and I sighed. I turned to face Violet.....

"Where's Jade?" I ask. I watch Violet look around completely lost.

A beep sound in my pocket and I pull out the box.

"Acknot" I whisper and it unfolds to the headset. I slip in on.

"Nemisis 2 has been activated do you wish to contact...... Nemisis 2 has bee taken offline"

"Shoot" I hiss pulling them off and searching the buildings air currents.

"What's that?" Violet asks.

"Another gadjet that manually control's the Nemisis device's which have been planted in two people that I know so far.... Come on" I take off out the room and Violet follows on my heels and we reach the room with the largest air currents.

There on the floor is Jade and Ian. I run over to Jade and scan her.

"I think you'll be alright, Jade. You can hear me now, I bet. I think they put in the air some really nasty stuff. It's escaping the room, so you'll be alright in a bit." I then looked over to where Ian was.

"Let's kill him." Violet muttered. "Before he can escape."

"Violet I think that if anyone around here kills Ian it should be Jade..... I know she wanted to but should we let her?"

Jade gets up and walks over to Ian and I run over to let her stumble into my arms.

"Let me kill him" Jade growls. "He's made my life a nightmare, and I intend to kill him"

The End

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