Jade: Kill

Violet and I ran out of the room. Meita then came, and brought Arc back to life. I was upset too, but I had a more important object to hunt. Ian, and he was right there. I felt him covering himself within the folds of space, invisible to everyone. But I could feel it, for it was also detectable with time. He motioned for he to follow him, down the corridor. This was between him and me.

I cautiously tested the space-time that surrounded us. I felt for a movement. Then he stopped, becoming visible. I knew he had much more powers than me, but I needed to try. I wanted him dead.

I had an idea. I burst through a room, intent on making it harder for him. He saw me, but by the time he got into that room, I was in it. It was one of the rooms that had a power sensor, just as I had hoped. We couldn't use our powers in here.

Actually, I meant to. I wondered idely if Meita would be able to bring me back to life, but I figured not. The mechanics in here would kill immediately, not fast enough for Ian to space- warp out of here, or me to stop time and walk to the door.

I ran towards him, then, and it looked to him as if I was going to just attack him. But then I warped time. I created a black hole, so powerful that he looked, mesmerised, as time played before him. But then it happened. I fell over, knocked out by what seemed to be a poisonous gas that came in.

Ian toppled, too, and I felt, rather than dying, I was mearly not in control of myself.

Nemesis activated. I saw in my line of sight.

Go away Nemesis,  I thought, knowing of what had just activated inside of my head. I could not move my arms or legs, nor my mouth, so I was paralysed there with a crazy brain chip inside of my head.

Nemesis deactivating. I saw. I still could not feel my body, but for some reason fate had let me fall with my eyes towards where Ian had fallen. He did not rise. Meita suddenly burst in, behind her was Violet. Meita came over to me, testing what remained in the air.

"I think you'll be alright, Jade. You can hear me now, I bet. I think they put in the air some really nasty stuff. It's escaping the room, so you'll be alright in a bit." She then looked over to where Ian was.

"Let's kill him." Violet muttered. "Before he can escape."

Nemesis activating. I was about to ask it to turn off again, when I had a better idea

Okay, Nemesis, take control. Kill Ian, use my powers. Just before you do, give control back to me. Will I be able to support myself by then?

Yes, Nemesis activating control.

"Violet, I think that if anyone around here kills Ian, it should be Jade." Meita said quietly. "I know she's wanted to. But should we let her?"

Just then I sat up, or rather, Nemesis made me. I walked over to Ian. I then regained control, swayed, and stumbled into Meita's arms.

"Let me kill him." I growled. "He's made my life a nightmare, and I intend to kill him."

The End

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