Violet: Nero.

I ran out of the room with Jade by my side, leaving a dying Arc. It was his fault I had died. He killed me. It's okay for him to do it to me, so I should be able to do it to him.

I am allowed to do it to him.

I felt a twinge in my stomach. Of guilt? I had just murdered somebody.

I'm a murderer.

I shrugged it off and concentrated. I heard footsteps coming towards us.

"Ian," I hissed through clenched teeth. I wait for him, but to my amazement, Meita zoomed round the corner. Me and Jade gawked. She was running the way we came so we followed her.

"Shoot no adrenaline," She cursed to herself.

"Meita what's going on?!" I shouted. Meita was scanning the cupboards and picking up random chemical bottles. Nero was laying lifeless on the floor. She just ignored me.

"Let hope this works," She mumbled, shaking lots together and pouring them into a syringe.

"What are you doing?!" Jade shouts, as impatient as me.

"One, I'm saving his life and Two, why the heck did you kill Arc?" Anger pulsed through my veins.

"URGH" I screeched violently. Meita stabbed the syringe deep into Nero's wrist.

"Why did you kill him." This was a rhetorical question. I tugged at my long, black, silky hair and groaned whilst pacing.

"Do you know how much pain he put me through, Meita?" I answered the question anyway. "The physical, for killing me," I observed her emotions by looking at her, but she had her hands pressed against his heart, pumping it in a steady rythm.

One. Two. Three. Four.

"And the emotional for breaking my heart." I heard her gasp, but not at my words.

Nero's chest moved up and down with his breathing. A smile reached the corner of my lips as relief barely touched me. My emotions were very weak.

The End

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