Orphian: stealthy? No

"Thanks Meita." I replied the soldier were almost on me.  I stunned them all then made my way into the hideout.  The hallway I entered seemed abandonned. I quietly begin my search i hear some sounds of scruffling and footsteps but it was to far away to. find out where it was coming from. 

"Nem, I should have asked you this before.  But can you talk to other machines?"  I asked the computer

" Yeah how do you think i get you maps, and other things." Nemisis wrote

" Okay I wan't to download the map of this place into my brain." I odered the computer

Soon enough I new this place better than the back of my hand.  Nero should be that I turned a left. right , then Ian was there anticpating my arrival.  "Your not as stealthy as you think." He remarked menacingly

"Your one creepy guy Ian." I said clenching my teeth

" You could never be stealthy with me. You charge particles around you and fire them. Your a giant disturbance in space." he said quite plainly.

My body began to charge

"Is that so?" I said calmly

" I have no intention of fighting you now." He siad leaving in his little space hole thing.

"Creepy monster!" I thought

The End

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