Meita: Run!!!

I took out the box. "Acknot" I whisper and it unfolds. I slip on the head set.

"Manual Nemisis Controls activated"

"Meita" Orphian asks.

"Hola Senior, where are you??? Are you in Washington?" I gasp shocked.

"Yeah" he says looking up at the white house. "Where's the door?"

"One sec-" I freeze a cold wind blows over me. "No" I gasp.

"What's happened?" Orphian asks spins round but I'm not paying attention.

"Violet and Jade just killed Arc" I whisper.

"Ain't that a good thing" Orphian asks.

"No, cause that means no one besides me will be able to get close to him without detection" I shout, I puch my hands  up through my hair.

"Umm, Meita" Orphian whispers. I turn my attention back to the screen.

"Oh no" I whisper seeing the ten soldiers. "Run!!!" I shout.

He takes off and I pull out a file. "Turn left and head for the tall tree with a red mark on. That's the entrance"

"Thanx" he shouts.

"I got to go" I pull the headset off. Whisper "Acknot" then shove it in my pocket.

I run down the halls heading for the infirmary, then bang!!!

"Violet, Jade" I shout but I fidget. "One sec" I run round them and the gawk shocked. I go all the way to the infirmary where Nero is lying on a bed. I scan through the cupboards.

"Shoot no adrenaline" I curse.

"Meita what's going on?" Violet shouts running in to the room. I run pass them grabbing bottles filled with chemical's as I go.

"Let hope this works" I mutter shaking them together and putting it in to syringe.

"What are you doing?" Jade shouts.

"One, I'm saving his life and Two, why the heck did you kill Arc?" Then with that I stab the needle into Nero's vein.

The End

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