Orphian: Washington D.C

Waking host.

I found myself sitting in a helicopter seat landed in the forest

"Nem, this isn't Washington." I thought

" You idiot, do honestly think i would be allowed to land in Washington we wouldn't have clearance." Nemisis wrote

" Right." I thought still groggy," how far out are we?"

" About 35 kilometers." Nemisis wrote

" Alright, thanks Nemisis." i thought and i began walking to the sounds of cars.

I hitched a ride to washington. it didn't take long to find the White House. Problem was I bet Ian hideout probaly wasn't rate in there ready for sneaking into. It was probaly had a hidden enterance and well I had nothing telling me where it would be.

"Nem do you know where the Ians secret hideout would be. If not could you try to locate it?" I asked the computer

" I don't know where it is. locating there might be trace evidence of forcfields. But it will take while to find exact posistions." Nemisis wrote

Ok I sat down on a bench waiting for either Meita or Nemisis to give me the location of the enterance.

The End

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