Jade: File

"Sorry, Violet, that I just had to leave you. But I guess that doesn't really matter, now. Ian has a sensor in here, that detects if I use my powers. And then some scorpions and whatnot would be unleashed into here. Not something we want. Don't use your powers, either."

Violet started wandering around, while I watched her from sitting on the ground. "Jade, here, quick!" she suddenly said excitedly. "Our files! Why would they just put them here?" I jumped up, and ran over to where Violet was. I looked at my file, and opened it. Skimming through it, I read what it said:

Name: Jade McDonald
Power: Time control

I didn't read all of it, for most of that part was just numbers and letters jumbled together.  Medical concerns and things like that. I then saw something that caught my eye. They looked like diary entries. I realised, with a shock, that they were. Mine.

A while ago mummy told me I'm adopted. I feel bad that mummy isn't my real mummy, but I still love her. I have a new book now. It's called the Principia, by Issac Newton. I like it, and mummy said that's good. I start grade one tomorow.

I flipped through the pages, wondering at what this meant. They had kept my diary from when I was young? I felt tears in my eyes. I wished things were as simple as they were when I was little. When I hadn't known about my power, but had used it sub-conciously, nonetheless, I hadn't felt in danger. Now I did.

"Why do you think they left these here?" Violet asked, her voice cracking. I looked at her. She did not look good. I wondered if it was just shock, or if she had read something in her file that made her look so bad.

"I don't know, Violet." Before I could say more, the door opened.

"Violet." Arc said.

The End

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