Orphian: Alright

I didn't know there was manual control for Nemisis. Which in a way was a stupid because what if that Bastard Ian got it then Nemisis would be over.  And I would be the next brainwashed freak of Ians. I didn't want that to happen.  Anyways I listened to Mieta orders. But I could probaly easily destroy the last shield. But I went to Adam anyways. It was probaly a bad moment to ask seeing that him and Rephy were together outside. But some things had priority; like the lives of others. 

" Hey, before i completly disturb you too i would like to warn you. I`m disturbing you wether you like it or not." I was little rude about.

They both groaned as I revealed myself.

"Adam this only going to be a second. "  I said, `` just type 4533 on the controller and I won`t bother you agian ok. ""

" Ok , why?"

" Ok , I`ve got a computer chip in my head Mieta found manual controller for it. And gave me some orders. And if you don`t believe me just talk binary to head and Maybe you`ll get something back."   I said  a little on the crazy side.

And of course a little freaked out he padded in the code.

" Thanks." I said 

I wonder if i should bring company.  Brandon probaly would go because of Jades little incident.  Its just what if they get attacked no body with experience in combat would be here. If i took everyone with me well then it would be a problem of keeping ourselves unnotice able. Grrrrrr! I`ll have to go alone even though it was agianst everthing i said earlier. This mission needed stealth and a mob of people isn`t stealthy.  I slipped by everyone unnoticed and left. 

"Nemisis coordinate of manual controller please."  I thought

" Washington D.C the White house it"  It wrote

my eyes nearly came out in surprise. How did Meita think I was going to get there from a barren island.

" Nemisis show me a map in relation from current position to The white house."  I thought 

We where in the atlantic not far from the coast of florida.

Ok I`m not swimming that far. Alright 

" Nemisis how am i getting to the White House?"  I asked

" Teleport, Ian, Swim then catch rides, Hitch a ride with the next group of soldiers." It wrote

`` Thanks Nem.``   A helicopter was sitting up on the helipad.probalt left behind from the attack

"Nemisis can you teach me to fly helicopters or fly helicopters?"

" Yes if you let me take over" It wrote

`` Do it.`` I thought  I then was forced to the back of my mind losing all cognitive funtions i could only see what was going on. 

" I suggest you sleep it wrote for better sychronization." It wrote

and thats what I did



The End

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