Adam: Forcefields, Controllers and.....Her

Looking up at Rephy I hold my breath as she waves at us and shouts "I turned it off I did it!" But something's not right.. I can feel it in the electrical waves the fading forcefield is giving off. Suddenly it flickers and comes back on again stronger then before. Damn!...Everything here has a decoy switch. Rephy is walking back down the forefield now looking a little sad. My stomach twinges and I want to hug her and tell her it's ok.. at least she tried.

Shrugging off the feeling I turn and suddenly notice the destruction left from the fight earlier. Looking around me in shock I wonder how things happened so fast. The controller is still in my back pocket, I've been trying to read into it's database but it's got a code scrambler that works even against me. I'm really feeling frustrated right now and so alone, everyone here seems to have a shoulder to cry on, something to do.

God I feel so useless right now, I wish my dad were still alive, he'd know what to do. He was the only one that really loved me in my life. Love. I roll the word around in my head and wonder what it actually means. The contoller beeps in my pocket and I take it out and look down at it. It's doing some sort of system check or something. Maybe it's to do with the forcefield?

I link my mind in with the machine and suddenly names and dates start scrolling in front of my eyes and a sharp pain shoots through my head. Everything spins and I fall over, cracking my head off something sharp as I go down...

When I finally start to wake up I'm lying in the soft grass outside, I can feel the blades tickling my skin and then I feel cool fingers brushing my hair back off my face and someone calling my name. A hand moves to my neck to check my pulse and then I hear a sigh of relief when one is found. I'm still so dizzy and my head is killing me so I don't open my eyes, I just lie there and try to focus on what's going on around me. Numbers, something big, something bad. Everyone is in terrible danger. The first thought that comes into my head then is her. Her eyes, her smile.... I don't want anything to happen to her.

"Rephy" I murmur, still dazed. Whoever was touching me pulled their hand back slightly and I turned my head to follow their touch and imagine it's her. "Rephy" I murmur again. I don't know why but I want her here.

I open my eyes slowly and try to sit up just as someone flings their arms around my neck and hugs me tightly, sobbing into my shoulder. "Thank god you're alive, I thought you were dead and everyone is slowly disappearing one by one and I don't want to be the only one left and I especially don't want you to go cos you're fun and I don't know why but you make me feel safe and..."

"Woah, woah, slow down you're speaking to fast for my head to process." I try to focus on the person in front of me and find myself staring into the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. I stop and just stare into them. "Rephy...I think.."
I'm whispering now, our faces are centimetres apart and I can smell her perfume, feel her soft brown hair tickle my face...

And then I do it. I reach up and cup her face in my palm, tracing my thumb across her cheekbones, across her lips. "You're beautiful." And as soon as I say it I know that I mean it. She's looking at me in a bit of a daze and her cheeks are flushed pink. I can't help myself, I lean forward and close the distance between us. When my lips first touch hers it's electric. I've never felt such a pull to anyone before, as if my heart is about to jump out of my chest, it's beating so fast. My mind is swirling with thoughts. What if this isn't what she wanted? She's perfect for me. What if I read the signals wrong? I don't want her to hate me. I hope Kayden's not reading my mind... What will I do if she rejects me? I think I love her....

The End

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