Rephy : A bit up

I look out of the hole in the wall. There it is, the shield. I sigh. Meita's captured. Violet has a broken heart. Jade is revenging. Brandon and Orphian have killed a load of soldiers. Arc has decided to betray us. I sigh again. Adam comes over, I smile at him weakly.

"What's up?" He asks.

"A ceiling." I reply. Looking at the ceiling above us. Adam grins.

"Come with me, I want to try something." And before he could say anything, I drag him, stepping over a bit of wall, outside. We walk up to the shield. I kick it, it is strong. It almost feels like an invisible wall. It surrounds the island in the shape of a semi-sphere. I look up to the highest point of the shield. I squint. Adam follows my eyes and look up too. There is a sort of circular machine up there. Right at the top, a sort of device that holds the shield in place. I grin.

"Gotcha! Look Adam. I bet that device up there can turn the shield off."

"Oh cool! You want me to come? After all, I know more about electricals than you!" I roll my eyes.

"I'll be fine. It's probably not even that hard. Probably just a switch saying on and off." Kayden and Aysh comes out from the house. I walk over to the edge of the shield, putting one foot on. I wave at Adam, he waves back, his smile reaching his eyes. He explains to Kayden and Aysh. I see them nod. I put my other feet onto the shield, and I feel the world rotate. I keep walking, always keeping an eye on the device. I feel eyes on my back. Then I realise something. What will I stand on when the shield turns itself off? I push the thought to the back of my head. I'd figure something out. After all, there is till  a long way to walk.

I reach the device, it is small but powerful. I see the others upside down, tiny but seeable. I wave. They wave back. I crouch down to examine the device. A little switch on it points against "on". The other side is "off". I move the switch towards the "off", and the shield begins to fade.

The End

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