Violet: Dang it, Jade.

Dang it, Jade.

She had just got herself flung through space with Ian. And she wasn't going without me. I ran outside into the bit where the first and second force fields were separated.

"Ian!" I screeched. "Ian, get back here, now!" I ordered him. A dark figure appeared about ten meters away from me.

"Ah, young Violet." He shook his head, tutting. "And to think I thought he would actually kill you!"

"He did. Physically and emotionally." I spoke through clenched teeth. "Take me to Meita."

I saw him considering this, then an evil grin flickered across his face.

"As you wish." I flew through space as it was bent and warped, and I was suddenly in a room with Jade.

"Jade!" I breathed. "Now where is that emotion draining, pain causing moron?!" I nearly shouted, an octave higher.

"He's not here yet. But he will be in a minute."

"Can't you speed up time or something?" I said impatiently, eager for a fight.

"Can't." My eyebrows knitted together in confusion. "Not unless we want to die right now. Or get eaten by scorpions and spiders." I couldn't be bothered to ask, and so I just thrust myself onto the cold, solid floor - it felt nice, much better than any luxury bed - and waited.

The End

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