Meita: Nemisis

Ian thought he had the nemisis manual controller but he didn't. I look down at the head phones that also have a sent of glasses and a mic.

"Hmm" I mutter. I don't know how it works. Do I just put it on?

I shrug and slip in on. The part covering my eyes turns to a screen and I see the unit.

"Manual activate" a voice speeks.

"What?!?" It's Orphian's voice.

"Orphian" I shout.

"Meita" The vision goes wild.

"Ahh, stop moving" I screech. He stands still and I sigh.

"How are you controlling Nemisis?" Orphian asks.

"Well, It was hard to get the manual controller and I'm finding it quite hard to stay invisible and talk"


"Yeah, a new trick I learned. I turn my body to air particules.... Anyway Ian doesn't know I have the really Manual controller he has the dummy which looks excactly the same..... Gave me a hard time to know which was the right one"

"Wait, how did you even find out about a manual controller?"

"I read your file" I shrug even though I know he can't see it.

"What's in my file?"

"Birth cetificate, school records, medical records and the Nemisis implant"

"How big your file?"

"You don't want to know" I say remebering the whole cabinate. It contains missions, reaserch of my powers, birth cetificate, medical records, accidents, training, documentaries..... god I shouldn't be thinking about this.

"Look you need to help me, they've got Nero and he's in a coma"

"What!!! How they get him?"

"They used the soldiers, nice fighting by the way"


"Right go to Adam and get the controller of him, type in the number 4533, Renon's shield is down cause Arc killed him... Seems he still has some sense. That code will deactivate the last shield"

"Right, how did you-"

"I nicked the information" I say inturpting him.

"Ahh, I'll get right on it"

I take the headset off. "Acknot" I whisper and in folds into a box which I shove into my pocket.

The End

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