Jade: Finding Ian

I couldn't just sit there and wait for Violet. I hastily scribbled a note on a pad on paper that sat on the counter in the kitchen. I put it on the dining room table: Everyone, I've gone to find Meita. Come after me if you want, but leave this to me. I'm going to kill him.

I went to find Orphian and Brandon. They had killed some soldiers, working together. I felt that I wanted to have Brandon with me, but again I denied myself with all the reasoning I had done before. I looked at where they had made a hole in the wall, out of the forcefield too. I gingerly stepped out, trying to be stealthy.

I was out! But, no, I wasn't. There was another force field, just beyond the walls. If Orphian had shot through to the wall and the first force field, it should have damaged the second one. But it hadn't.

I decided on a new tactic. I pulled the fabric of time,  drawing it together at one point. A new black hole was formed, but one so powerful, I felt time stopping, running backwards, and changing.

"Jade, what are you doing?" Brandon shouted. He had seen me through a broken wall, and the broken first forcefield.

"Brandon, stay back. This thing could kill you. I can't control it now. Get everyone you can to stay inside."

"No! I'm staying out here! With you!"

"Brandon, don't be a moron! Okay? I've got this, and I don't need you getting killed. I love you."

"I love you too..." I saw him disappear. I looked at my lovely black hole, though it was acctually invisible.

"Ian!" I shouted. "Where're you?" And suddenly he was there.

"Jade, you're wasting time." he said. "Join us, as Arc has. And I won't feel the need to bring him here." I shuddered, but stood strong.

"No, I won't." I felt the fabric of time, and started twisting it to enclose Ian with the time black hole. I wasn't paying attention to if he was screaming or not. I was trapping him in his own little bubble of time. I looked, but saw nothing.

"Ha! Think you can defeat me! I have the same tricks as you, but I am much more powerful. I will bend time around you and make a black hole. You will not be able to escape." I felt it then, though I could not control it: space, bending. And I was at the centrer of a black hole.

"Brandon!" I yelled. He was there, suddenly. Seeing me trapped, he burst into flame. He charged at Ian, who simply moved him away with a flick of space. I then lost control. I loved him! He couldn't be treated like this!

I reached out, before the black hole could completely swallow me. Like a reflex, time went wildly out of control. Suddenly time had gone backwards, forwards, and now it was stopped. Brandon ran over to me. "Never do that again, Jade!"

"Yes, I will. In just a moment, I'm going to restart time." I crawled away from where the space black hole had been. "I would like to kill him now, but I still have to get Meita and Arc and Renon."

"Ah! Renon's already dead, dear." said Ian. "But, yes, I would like you to come see Arc. And, yes, I won't be stopped by time. If you want to kill me, first I want Arc to see his one hundred and fifty IQ friend. Have a little chat? I bet your great intelligance can stop him?" I frowned.

"My IQ is one hundred fifty one." And I believe that was the last thing Brandon heard from me before I was thrust through space. I was in some sort of laboratory."Arc will be here momentarily." Ian said, closing the door. "And then you can go back and tell all your friends to surrendur."

The End

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