Arc: Test number 2 and 3

I walked into a kitchen looking for food, but there was a note on the fridge.

Take this note, go forward three hallways, take a left turn, go straight and you'll find the wild card. Torture him slowly and put him unconscious, and lower his heartbeat enough so that someone would think he is dead, but DO NOT kill him.

I took the note and followed it's orders. Walking down the specified path, eventually I came to a door. I opened it and walked through. Nero was there, he stood up.

"Arc, is that you?"

"Heh, yes it is."

"Where am I, where is Meita."

"Well, you see, Ian took you from wherever you are, and he put you here, to kill you."

Then, Nero's eyes open, astonished.


Then, I make him feel pain. He falls to the ground, then I stop.

"No, I'm going to torture you instead."

Nero's face widens with fear. Then, I look at him and I use my power on him. I make him feel every single toe being pulled off, even though I never touched him. I make him feel every single finger being pulled off, even though I never touched him. I continuously torture and maim him, using only my mind. His screams of torture and agony echo throughout the room, then I notice a camera taking feed.

So, it's some sort of interrogation technique. Perfect.

Then, I continue torturing Nero.

"I am going to cut you Nero, to the bone, everywhere."

Then, I force the pain onto his body, he screams in agony. And I smile at his pain. He begins to cry, then he begins to plead.

"No, stop, stop, I'll do anything, stop!"

I make the pain flow slower, only increasing his torture. He screams louder, his heartrate goes through the roof as his adrenals kick it into overgear.

"You cannot stop the pain."

He screams, as he feels the imaginary knife cutting into his flesh, through his veins, through his muscles, to the bone and then scraping along. Like nails on a chalkboard. Then, his heart gives out. It stops. I walk over to the camera and begin counting.


I stand beside the camera then, a minuete passes.


I keep my hand on the stop button, just incase. Then, the minuete ends.


And I press the stop button, and just as the feed stops his heart kicks to life again. He is alive, but in a coma which could last anywhere from a few days to a few years. I walk out of the room and begin to wander around again. Then, I find Renon.

"Renon, can I speak to you for a moment?"

He nods and he stops.

"You killed Yocta right?"

He smiles.

"Hell yeah, every sidekick of Ian has to kill the previous one."

My emotionless face stares at Renon as he begins to realize, the color draining from his face.

"Oh. In that case, die."

I begin to inflict pain on Renon. He buckles to the ground as I decide a suitable form of punishment.


I create the scenerio in his mind, and he begins to scream in agony as the imaginary toungues of fire lick at him, burning his skin. He screams, and I smile.

"Yes, scream more!"

I increase the magnitude of the pain and he screams harder. The poor creature truly feels like he is burning. He claws at his skin now, trying to stop the pain, but he only increases it.

"Die, die, die!"

Renon screams as he rocks back and forth on the cold, metal ground. His screams fading into the pitch dark blackness.

"No one can hear you now, Renon. Scream all you like, I love it."

Then, his screaming stops, I continue to have him feel pain, and I check for a pulse. After kneeling there for five minutes I don't feel a pulse. So, I stop the affect of the pain on him. I stand up, and walk away.

"Well, well, well, well. Looks like someone is aiming for a promotion."

I turn to see Ian comming out of the darkness.

"So, you followed my orders and tortured Nero, sucessfully stalling Meita just in time for me to grab the Project Nemesis Device. And then, while I'm around here I hear someone screaming. Curious as to what's happening, I realize that you are heartlessly killing Renon." He smiles broadly. "Very good, you are now my new assistant. Let us go to the control room where all the camera feeds go, well most of them, and see where Meita is now."

I nod, completly emotionless.

"Of course."

"Oh, and Arc. I am very glad that during your murdering spree, your heartbeat never went above 70 bpm."

"I'm emotionless, feeding on their fears is my job. If they fear me being a sadist, I have a personality to fulfill that fear."

Ian smiles.

"Of course. Now, let us go to see Meita."

Then, deep inside myself I feel a stronger personality take over. It happens in a split second, I slow my pace a little but now I am not in control, he is.

No! You weren't supposed to use me like this!

But it was too late, the true Arc appeared, conscience, emotions and all.

==From now on, the original Arc is in charge of the body.==

I followed behind Ian.

I just need to find out where Meita and Condemno are then I can kill Ian. After that, I'll save Meita and get her to help me kill Condemno. Hopefully my plan will still work after all that has happened. I can't imagine what I have done to Violet, oh Violet, my love. Are you in pain?

The End

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