Meita: Nemisis program

I felt slightly happy to know that the soldiers hadn't hurt Nero or any of the others. Good going Brandon and Orphian.

But I still didn't have a plan to help them. I sigh and look out at space. It's the place I was held earlyer, its called space containment..... for obvious reasons.

Wait...... Orphian. I jump up and run to a room where I found files and I flick through till I find Orphians. I try to find the right sheet. "Ah ha" I shout happy.

Luckily no one will here me this place is sound tight and really big. I read the sheet.

Nemisis Program

The Nemisis program has been installed. We will not activate it until need be.
The Nemisis program has been designed to activated when project 19 (Also know as Meita) Life is put in danger.

We have also set it to activate if Project 12 get's so angery or desperate that he should ask in his head for help. Nemisis is usually automated but there is a control for voice contact in wing A, room 453.

I snap the folder shut. Well, that was interesting. I put the folder back in the same place I found it and take of.

Wing A will be monituredd because it's scientific research but now with my heightened powers. My body goes see through. Let's just say I've learned a few tricks.

The End

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