Orphian: Now you get it. But you want to go alone. Why?

I felt bad about killing the soldiers but I had no choice.  The living room was a mess there was burn marks , and the living room wall didn't seem to exist anymore.   I overheards lots of plans to get out of here and extract there revenge from  Ian , Renon , and arc. But all i could think was what abouts Renons forcefield can anyone else other than me destroy it.  and not every body here abilities where suited for major combat. this was bad we should be helping each other. Instead of striking out on our own.

I went outside in the garden  " Nemisis, I honestly don't know what to do. I can't lead these people they don't trust me.  they have the idea we are in trouble but there splittin up. shouldn't we work as a team?"  I asked Nemisis thinking to myself

" I can't help you there." Nemisis wrote.

"aight." I thought

Kayden was looking at me wierd.  she probaly heard my thoughts and was wondering who was i talking too.

The End

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