Jade: I'm Leaving!

Brandon was dragged off by Orphain, who is seems was now good friends with him. I hadn't gotten much reply from Brandon about my plan, so I went to find someone else. I would let him do whatever he wanted to with Orphain. Anyway, he wasn't the one that I really wanted to be by my side when I killed Ian. Brandon wouldn't let me, he would try to protect me, and get killed.

I went upstairs, and knocked on Violet's door.

"Violet?" I asked. "I need help."

"Go away." she muttered. "I have my own plan."

"Girl, I'm going to help you. Want revenge? I can help. I'm going to find Ian, and doutless Arc will be with him."

"Come in." I walked in, seeing Violet curled up on her bed. I sat beside her.

"I'd leave Arc to you, while I get Ian. Then we'll be able to get to Meita, maybe save her, and maybe kill Renon too. Sound good? I can make it real easy."

"Jade, I'm not staying here. I'm not sure if I want you by my side, though. I'll get back to you, though. Soon."

"Sure. I'll wait in the living room. I want to know something first, anyway."

I went out of her room, and down to the living room. I looked at the time black hole, and felt it. I tried to disiphere the future, the time that would happen. But I got nothing that I could grasp. I waited, wondering if I would survive. I reassured myself, though, knowing that whatever I did, I would change the world.

The End

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