Orphian: soldiers are laughable

The soldiers didn't know what was hitting  them. flames , lazers n no gravity. They obviously  thought we were still out cold.  eventually me and Brandon where surrounded.  It was time to make some monster lazer blasts. The charge ran from my arms to to my legs even the ground became charged.  The red turned to blue.  i fired the massive lazer causing havoc taking out the wall soldiers and being intensly bright.  Nemisis activated agian

" Hey watch how much you pump out you coulda kill your freinds." it wrote ," By the way you just have think what you want to say to insted of talking to yourself."

"alright Nemisis." I thought.

The fight was nearly over brandon now being a human fireball was just kickin the soldiers off. they began to retreat. but it was to late he lit them all on fire.  And they collapsed and died.  " That was fun while it lasted." I said smiling , " wonder what they where here for?" 

Everyone else who didn't partake in the fight was astonished at the damage caused.

"sorry bout the living room wall it was in the way." I said sorta smugly

The End

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