Brandon: Dont mess with the big guns.

"playtime" i nodded to Orphian. He laughed as well then i clapped my hands creating a flaming path that danced over the soldiers feet infront of me, burning him. he hopped about. i looked over to Rephy as Kayden tod her the thoughts in my head now.

Rephy took away the gravity from around me as i began to float. i pushed sharply off the wall at such speed - my hands pushed out infront of me. she put the gravity back yet i still flew through the air.

my hands collded with the soldiers chest and he was thrown back against the wall, scorch marks on his body. i settled slowly to the ground.

"Dont mess with the big guns" i said kissing my muscles jokingly. "who's next?"

I felt Orphian at my back, the fire surrounding me didnt harm him for some reason. The rest of the soldiers closed in on us as we circled back to back waiting for them to make the next move.

i turned my head and lit a cigarette, handing one to Orphian as well.

I spoke to him over my shoulder.

"double team?" i asked

he took the cigarette and smiled taking a long drag.

"You got it bro" we bumped fists and the fight suddenly got... a leeeetle bit more heated... if you know what i mean?

The End

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