Brandon: You dont want to do that...

Orphian shot lasers into a couple of them, killing them or stunning them on sight. the others that were after me, shot rounds off from their guns. i dodged, avoiding them and also pushing Jade out of the way as i did. i gotone and pushed my palm to his heart, burning his chest, he fell to the ground. while i was distracted by that another soldier fired at me. the bullet skimmed my cheek, the blood just slowly trickling down my face.

i laughed at him wiping away the blood with the back of my hand.

"Yo, you shouldnt have done that man" i recognised him as the one who'd knocked me out.

"Why not dude?" he replied sarcastically

"You really dont want to make me angry" i told him chuckling, some of the other soldiers had noticed the confrontation and Orphian was laughing, me having told him about my 'anger issues' earlier.

my body began to shake as the fire traveled up my body. i burned my shirt off but not my trousers again, showing the patterned scars across my side. The fire in my eyes blazed violently along with the flames now surrounding my body.

"This is why" said a voice i vaguely recognised as my own... only different. more commanding...

The soldier looked at me scared. i noticed some of the other kids who wernt fighting were laughing behind him - especially Kayden.

Should i play for a bit? i thought jokingly. she laughed but nodded slightly.

i looked over at Orphian.


The End

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