Brandon: Bring it!

Arc the guy i thought was 'cool' turned out to be a complete ass to say the least. he'd knocked all of us out. the pain in my body... it felt like the flames were licking at my heart. when i thought of Jade the flames grew stronger - noone is going to hurt her - No One.

suddenly i was doused in cold water, someone was shouting me to get up. i stood up groggily while everyone was stood around Violet and changed my jeans and put a tshirt on for once. i walked back downstairs and got myself glass of water, my throat feeling as though id swallowed fire... even though im practically made of fire?

Jade came over to speak to me. she was really upset and had started crying so i hugged her and pulled her gently onto my lap as we sat down.

Oprhian walked over.

"Do you have a plan to fight these guys? everyone seems to be losing hope here. i think its time to stop waiting for a miracle... or else this cause wll be lost. No ones listening to me. so can you two lead these people out of the hole?" he asked.

Suddenly the door crashed down and soldiers walked in.

Orphian looked at me with a smirk on his face. "Ready for a fight Brandon?" his arm glowed a deep red.

i stood up slowly, fire forming in my hand. i shook his hand and the powers collided together creating a spark. the fire jumped higher up my arm... the colours beginning to swirl infront of my eyes. i winked.

"Dude... hell to the yes."

we looked over at the soldiers who immediately turned looking around. they saw the colours emmenating from us and their faces turned viciously eager.

i beckoned a couple on with my fingers in flames.

"Bring it"

i looked at Oprhian and we both charged towards them.


The End

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