Meita: Smash

I click my fingers and a rocks tour apart. I click them again and another burst into a million pieces. I sigh.

"What's wrong?" Con asks coming out. "Your powers have grown"

"Weren't they always" I whisper looking at the floor.

"So..... Ian's capturing all the children of the meteor" Con says rocking back on his heels.


"You fell in love with one" He asks raising an eyebrow.




"Hmm, Ian said he was gonna bring him in just to cheer you up" Con says sitting down next to me on the grass.

"It would hurt me more" I whisper.

"He already sent in soldiers" Con says shrugging like its no biggy.

"You still think all this is okay" I ask.

"Well, I don't think fighting him would be no good"

"Yeah.... I hope Nero wont get hurt"

The End

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